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The "Richard G" Project... (aka. Optic Nerve Repair )

about Rich

We'll be getting this exciting project off the ground in sync with our other projects.

This project has a special place in my heart because I have known Richard for more than 14 years. He is both a great person and a brave man.

Richard lost his sight nearly 20 years ago in a serious accident.

All the years we've known each other, Richard has always kept me on my toes in terms of updating him on any new medical treatments that might be able to restore his eyesight. Rich and his family have always been very resourceful, combing the internet for any type of article about stem cell treatments or surgical procedures for restoring eyesight.

Unfortunately, none of these studies or research endeavours have succeeded.

Brave individuals like Richard have never given up hope.

And I will never give up on them!

I am making it my goal to restore the eyesight of Richard and millions of others who need help.

Limbs for Friends

We're getting back to work on our Limbs for Friends project. Developing CHEAP and FREE limbs for our friends who need them.

Developing prosthetic limbs is fun and challenging.

We could never justify the exceedingly high price for prosthetic limbs.

It's a cool project because while we make the limb for somebody, we can give them a loaner limb. This way, they can get on with their life while we get creative for our friends!

We also make prosthetics out of recycled materials when our friends ask us!

This is my friend who also designs limbs and teaches others how to use them - Very clever fellow indeed.

As we get this project kickstarted, we look forward to partnering with our supporters to make it a great success.

Come on board and lend a hand.

And by the way...

Ask Dr Ken any medical question...

it's easy...

You pick the amount you would like to help.

Then click the Ask Dr Ken button !

Ask Dr Ken - You decide how much..

Helping our generation & those to come...

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