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The macula is a small oval-shaped area in the back of your eye, which is responsible for central vision.

The retina (red area) in the back
of the eye, the location of the

Arrow (white) pointing to
the macula (dark oval area).

Although our entire field of vision is important, the macula gives us a high-resolution quality of vision when we look at something.

Any disease process or injury to the macula can destroy the central vision. Unfortunately, this damage does not heal on its own.

The macula can be damaged by

- Infection (bacterial or viral)

- Injury

- Toxins

- Disease Processes.

One disease process which damages the macula is called

Macular Degeneration abbreviated MD.

In fact, MD is the LEADING CAUSE of macular destruction,



Restoration of vision loss due to MD has been unsuccessful up until this point.

"Our success in the making"

Using our technology we will


and essentially


the macula to a healthy functional state.

To carry out Stratiform (layer by layer) Macular Reconstruction to achieve Central Vision Restoration.

Cells of the various layers of the retina

Our groundbreaking technology "reconstructs" the macula.

Our Methods:

1. Use of the pre-existing damaged macula as a multi-level scaffold for reconstruction.

2. Insertion of a artificial biological scaffold which is then populated in order to transform the macula to a healthy functional state.

Let's stop MD in its tracks.
And let's restore the sight of those already affected.

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